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Acne is the most common skin disease in the US and accounts for 25% of all visits to dermatologists.

Read on to see how emu oil can be used to minimize acne:


There are 4 major factors that contribute to the formation of blemishes:
1. Hormonal activity (diet has no effect on this)
2. Overproduction of oil in the oil gland
3. Irregular or excessive shedding of dead cells
4. Build up of bacteria in the pore.

Each hair follicle grows with an oil gland that secretes sebum (oily wax) that melts on the skin's surface to naturally moisturize the face and body. When too much oil is produced (usually caused by hormonal activity during puberty) it becomes mixed with dead skin cells, hair debris and bacteria causing an infected backup to clog the pore which forms a blemish.

To help clear up blemishes:
1. Cleanse the skin gently with a water soluable cleanser that doesn't contain ingredients that can clog pores or irritate the skin. Do not use benzol peroxide cleansers, natural bar soaps, or other cleansers containing harsh ingredients such mints, camphor, alcohol or witchhazel, and citrus oils. Apply alcohol free toners to remove all excess residue from skin after cleansing.
2. Remove dead skin cells and encourage healthy skin cell turnover. Beta hydroxy acids effectively "unglue" dead cells from the skin's surface as well penetrate inside the skin pore to dislodge any excess dead cells or bacteria. Do not use mechanical scrubs of any kind as they can cut or irritate the already inflamed skin.
3. Disinfect the skin with benzyol peroxide. Tea tree oil is not as irritating but is also not as effective as benzyol peroxide. Saturate a Q-tip dipped in oil and apply to individual blemishes rather than applying to the entire acne area.
4. Improve cell production by applying prescription options such as tretinoins (Retin-A), Differin, or Azelaic acid for generating cell growth. Accutane treaments are recommended for the cure of severe acne and should be used only as the last option.

Emu Oil does not clog pores and will reduce the inflammation as well as keep the sebum emulsified in the skin pore. Use Emu Oil twice daily and very sparingly after disinfecting the skin.

See our "Acne Kit" (item #ACNEKIT) under "Skin Care Kits."

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