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 Emu Oil 

Best stuff I've ever put on my face - thank you! Suzanne, WA

Comments:  I wanted to tell you that I've have used your products for a few years. I have a couple of dogs that get hot spots and I have used the Emu Oil on them with great success.  Last January my girlfriend was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer.  The doctor had told her to use Aquaphor for treating the burn from the result of the radiation. I told her to discontinue the Aquaphor and just use the Emu Oil.  She used it on a daily basis.  Her doctor was amazed at the results of the Emu Oil and said that she had the best skin of anyone undergoing radiation that he has ever treated.  He asked her to bring the bottle in and he was going to start telling his radiation patients to order from Wonder Oil and was no longer recommending Aquaphor.  I love your product and hope you feel free to publish my comment on your website.  
Mike L.

Thank you so much!  You're products are wonderful!  I receive so many compliments on my complexion at age 55 - the stares as I share 'emu oil daily' is quite comical!  But the results are there and I'm very grateful for that!  Have a good day, Judy Los Gatos CA

I met you in Seattle at Pikes Market the last week of May on a Monday at the fair & then again in July in Logan, Utah at a fair there. I tried the Emu oil both places & I have known I was going to buy this, I just didn't know when. I am finally getting around to it. Every year I have dry skin from the middle of October until April & I have been procrastinating in getting this until it's really needed. Emu oil impressed me so much that I knew I am going to have this be my daily therapeutic nourishment for my skin that I can't live without it 1/2 of the year, just as I need water & air every day.
Ben, UT

I would just like to say that your product is awesome! I love your new website and all the information that available. I have been using the emu oil and lotion for about 3 years now. The Emu oil has helped clear my skin up and works really well on sunburns and cuts and even my shin splints. My mom has Fibromyalgia and my Grandma has Arthritis and they both LOVE the Arthritis formula. It helps a lot with their pain and it is healthier then going on pain killers from the doctor. I'm glad that your company is around.

Hayward, CA

You have a wonderful product and it works very well against my sun allergy. Katherine

I have given this oil to a number of family members and it
is really a wonder oil. It does work well for all of us. Deana, CA

I found you and bought from you last December at the Kitsap
County Fiar Grounds. Just love the Emu Oil. Lola, WA

Here's a testimonial for you regarding the pure emu oil. I put a very light coating of it on my face after washing my face in the morning - let it set in and then put on my foundation. But here's the part that you might not have heard about. After my foundation and powder are on, I lightly place a very little amount of emu oil on my wrinkle lines (okay, I admit it, it takes a LOT of emu oil to accomplish this!). I let it sit while I am running around getting ready for work. When it is time to show up at the office, I gently blot the excess away with a tissue. This procedure greatly reduces the harsh appearance of the wrinkles and gives my skin a nice glow. Did you know the emu oil can be used this way? It works!

Thanks, Sharon, WA

I bought my first bottle of emu oil in June of last year, it lasted me 6 months and made my face feel as soft as a baby's bottom. I truly love that stuff. Suzanne, OH


I would like you to send me an 8 ounce bottle of your Emu Oil. I can't be with out. It is so good. But I am just about out of it now. So thank you so very much.
Donna B.

Your Emu Oil is wonderful. It finally healed an area on my hand that had been cracked and itchy forever. Thanks.
Linda D.

My friend Donna B. told me to try Emu Oil for my piles (hemorrhoids). She said they do wonders for her. She's been using it for years. Thank you.
Eleanor G.

These products are great. They leave my skin feeling so silky. The razor burn I constantly dealt with is no more. Thanks. Please send me more brochures.
Christy H.

I purchased a small bottle of your emu oil at the fair in Mt.Vernon. It has worked very well for me on itchy skin. I want to try some of your other products. Thank You, Linda S.

I met you last summer at the Coupeville arts show here on the island, the Emu Oil does great on my face now that I'm in menopause.
Renee K.

I have lived in the high country of Colorado for many years - always trying to find a product that will combat the dry skin caused by low humidity - your product was a gift and it is the very best! Thank you.
Natalie W.

Thank you! I really like using this product. It's not greasy. It moisturizes the skin and seems to help firm it up some as well. Also like the fact that it's natural.
Judy S.

Requesting 4 oz Emu Oil. This has helped my skin very much. Thank you.
Kay H.

I love your product. I can't wait to receive the emu oil!!! Wendy, WA

I bought your product last year in Hood River, Or. I use it on myself and my horses!! Alan, WA

Thank you for your wonderful product. The 100% emu oil is wonderful for removing eye makeup! And it doesn't irritate my eyes like other brands do. Of course it is also a great anti-wrinkle cream! Emily. Texas

Great product-keep up the good work. My cats are thriving on a dollop a day.

I was in Clarkston, Wa. yesterday...bought a bottle of Emu Oil to use on my face&neck....used it last night&this morning....I live just outside of Spokane,Wa...its very dry here w/low humidity...a lot of wind. Great for the hair..but hard on the the skin. Even after using the oil last night& again this morning...I've begun to feel less dryness!!!! I'm delighted w/your product!!
Thank You....

Hi James,
Just wanted you to know I received the Emu Oil I had ordered from you...thank you so much for your prompt shipment!
And Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Mike and Laurie Ensign

I met you in Tacoma at the street fair and bought a 2.2 oz bottle of the Unscented Oil. Love it. Can I get this order unscented as well? Thank god for the internet. The bottle is like gold here and I thought I had lost you! Thanks.
Joy P.

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