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 Chiropractic and Emu Oil 
Chiropractic and Emu Oil

"My patient was so impressed with the results of the oil, she has sent her application in to be a distributor. She wanted to make sure she would always be able to get the emu oil when she needed it." According to Dr. Headly, chiropractic adjustment can be made to relieve haemorrhoids. However, depending on the severity of the condition, the adjustment may not be able to offer complete relief, as was the case with one of Dr. Headly's patients.

    "This particular patient told me that the adjustment worked great for the internal condition, but not for the external discomfort, " explained Dr. Headly. "I gave her some emu oil to try, and she came in later with her eyes as big as half dollars demanding to know what that stuff was and where could she get more of it. She just kept saying, "It worked! It worked! It worked!

Source: An Adjustment in Chiropractic. by Nancy McMillan. Emu Today & Tomorrow July 1995

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